Dr. Silas & The Tapping Solution's Racial Anxiety Relief Tapping Meditation

As a result of the sign of the times, Dr. Silas was contacted by Jessica Ortner shortly after the murder of George Floyd, and the consequent uprising across the globe that occurred. The Ortners saw so many people in pain and hurting, and reached out to Dr. Silas to record this meditation. He is grateful for the feedback from people across the world who have received relief and peace from this meditation. Whether you are a person of color, know and love persons of color, or are simply stressed out due to the racial divide in the US at this time, this meditation is for you.

Below is the Youtube link for this meditation.


To find it on the Tapping Solution app, simply search for racial anxiety relief, or for Dr. Silas's name, and you will find it.

See some testimonials about the impact of this meditation on others:

"Thank you so, so much for creating this tapping meditation. As a POC, I have been struggling immensely since George Floyd's death. For the first time in days I am able to take a deep breath. #grateful pray"

- Martha C.

"Goodness! I've begun feeling overwhelmed as friends and family are sending me more & more instances of racism. Not to mention my own PTSD from being tear gassed during a peaceful protest in DC almost 40 years ago. This tapping meditation allows me to let go a little bit each time, so I don't continue to experience flashbacks. Thank you ❣️"

- Debra

"Absolutely beautiful, timely & exactly what I needed right here, right now. I hadn't acknowledged how much tension & anxiety I had been gathering in my body recently. I'm going to attempt sleep now, blessed be."

- Norma

"Dr. Silas what a wonderful meditation! It calmed my anxieties and I feel much relief. I hope the whole world learns about tapping - it would alleviate needless suffering. Thank you for this wonderful meditation. Namaste, Betty"

- Betty

"Thank you so much for this! I'm thankful that you all acknowledged and created something to help people dealing with this. Much gratitude pray. It was very helpful."

- C H