Dr. Silas's Podcasts

From Mourning to ACTION!

This podcast is based on Dr. Silas's two books: From Mourning To Knight, and What's Your ACTION Plan?

Dr. Silas interviews people who have experienced various types of losses, and walks them through the ACTION Plan and how they continue to work through their losses in their process. It is a powerful and deep look into people's pain, yet leaves the listener with a feeling of hope as they cope with their own struggles.

A Mental Health Mixtape: Fresh Rhymes, Sound Bites and Movie Clips

This podcast, also a radio show on WDRB media (Fridays, 7pm EST), is a remixed way to look at mental health. Along with his co-host Dr. Adrienne Leca, aka Dr. AD Fresh, these two explore past topics and current events, what they have to do with mental health, and what movies, TV shows, songs, or any other form of media has to say on these topics. It's a fun dive into an otherwise heavy topic. After all, the original aways needs a good remix!